Fostering Families

This program was initiated to design, create and distribute personal care packages for children recently removed from their homes or newly placed in foster care.  Did you know…?

  • The JLLC provides approximately 200 bags each year
  • The bags are distributed through local and regional offices of the Department of Children and Family Services
  • The JLLC also gives bags to the local Women’s Shelter, Transitional Living Program and Harbour House

What’s in that bag?
Each duffel bag, which has a detachable backpack & overnight case, is stuffed with much-needed toiletries plus items (diapers, bottles, clothes, games, books, footballs, stuffed animals, etc.) that will help kids smile during a tough transition.  Depending on the ages and the weather, the bag may also contain sunglasses, sunscreen, mittens or scarves.

The children remain nameless & faceless to the JLLC but hold a special place in our hearts.