Graphics And Branding

Why Use the JLLC Logo and Graphics?

The Junior League of Lake Charles, Inc. logo has tremendous value as the symbol of an organization that has won the trust and respect of people within our community. The JLLC encourages our members, partners and sponsors to use the logo as often as possible to help promote our mission of voluntarism. Consistent use of our logo also strengthens the awareness of our year-round community impact.

When should the logo be used?
The logo identifies printed materials as official and credible. The JLLC logo is required on all communications that are distributed to the public or the JLLC membership at large. Use the logo on all printed materials, including flyers, brochures, publications, ads, press releases, T-shirts, window decals, banners, etc. All use of JLLC logos on printed materials, whether by JLLC members or corporate partners/sponsors, must be approved by the JLLC President and JLLC Public Relations Chair. If they are not available, the JLLC Communications VP may fill in to grant approval with the President’s permission.

Brand Management Style Guidelines
Members should use the JLLC Style Guide when promoting the Junior League of Lake Charles, Inc. This ensures consistency in the messages sent from JLLC members to the public and to each other.

Graphics and Logo Usage Agreement
The JLLC welcomes its members and corporate partners to download and use the various JLLC logos/components once they have read and agree to our Graphics and Logo Usage Agreement. By clicking on the “I Agree” button at the end of the Graphics and Logo Usage Agreement, you indicate your acceptance of the rules and guidelines regarding the Junior League of Lake Charles, Inc.’s Service Mark, images and graphics. The Junior League of Lake Charles, Inc. reserves the right to seek legal action for improper use of its Service Mark, images and graphics. Once you agree, you may want to ‘bookmark’ the logos page so that you do not have to go through this exercise each time you wish access to our logos.

JLLC Photo Galleries/Video Clips

The JLLC Photo Galleries/Video Clips in the News & Media and/or About Us sections contain up-to-date illustrations picturing JLLC volunteers and/or others engaged in our community impact activities. While we attempt to have Photo Release Forms signed, please be aware that we do take photos/videos at our public events. Unless someone specifically declines to have their photo taken or appear in a video at the time of the event, we may include them in our publicity campaigns (just as they do for local newspaper and TV coverage). Publicity includes, but is not limited to: Press Releases, Stable TalkBayou Echoes, slideshows and social media outlets. Gallery images are provided for individual League members and the Press to use in ways that promote and enhance the Junior League of Lake Charles, Inc. These images are not meant to be used for endorsement of a product or for any other commercial purpose. Please adhere to the Graphics and Logos Usage Agreement for guidelines.

Contact Information
If you need a quote from a JLLC member, please contact the Communications VP, PR Chair, or President by emailing your request to or call our headquarters at 337.436.4025. Our staff will be happy to connect you with our JLLC representatives. Please note that because this is a volunteer organization, with 77% of our members working outside of the home in addition to volunteering, we will usually need 2-3 business days to respond to your request.

FAQ: Why does the JLLC have a specific logo/tagline in addition to the AJLI universal brand identity?

Prior to 2002, each League had a League-specific logo or just used the name of the organization. Our oak tree logo is patterned after the regionally famous Sallier Oak, and represents how we, as the Junior League of Lake Charles, Inc. are rooted in excellence while we branch out and offer growth to our community. The Sallier Oak is located on the property of one of our past projects, The Imperial Calcasieu Museum. Our slogan, “Serving, Strengthening, Sustaining the Community” has been in use since the late 1980’s.

In 2002, the Association of Junior Leagues International Inc. (AJLI) introduced a universal brand identity for all Junior Leagues. The campaign, which includes the JL symbol and tagline, has been adopted in whole or in part by 92% of Junior Leagues. The JLLC and many other Leagues have chosen to adopt the universal brand in part…meaning we promote our own logo that has been in use since the late 80’s, while identifying ourselves as a member of AJLI with their brand. In 2011, the JLLC did adopt a modernized version of oak tree logo, in which our name was written as “Junior League of Lake Charles, Inc.” instead of “The Junior League of Lake Charles, Incorporated.” This change is consistent with how individual Leagues are named when they choose to use the AJLI brand as their main identity.