New (Provisional) Member Training

What you need to know, but may not know to ask:
The Provisional Advisor acts as a mentor to the new member and helps them keep track of their requirements/training opportunities throughout the year.

The entire provisional class meets at least once a month for large group training that is mission-focused.

During these meetings, new members will learn about the mission of the Junior League, how the JLLC is organized and operates, its parent organization—AJLI, and how to get the most out of membership. We will have guest speakers (Board Members, etc.) at the meetings to give an overview of what various Councils are doing. We will offer new members the opportunity for hands-on training through participation with our fund development and community committees.  Attendance at a Board meeting gives perspective on how we run a successful non-profit organization.

Finally, our new members will have some fun activities to help them get to know one another and other League members.

Although our new members are allowed to miss a few meetings, we truly encourage attendance at all—this helps create lasting friendships, gives practice with group dynamics, and most of all…prepares our members for the meaningful work we do as the Junior League of Lake Charles, Inc.