New (Provisional) Member Training

What you need to know, but may not know to ask:

The Junior League of Lake Charles, Inc. accepts applications annually for membership beginning February 1. Membership closes afterthe welcome reception held in March. Applications are posted by February 1 to The JLLC, Inc.’s website under Contact Us, Become a Member.

New members are known as provisional members. These members participate in one extra meeting per month for leadership development,training, and mentoring. They participate in a placement toward the end of their provisional year. These meetings are goal-oriented and educational. They provide opportunities to learn about the structure, historical significance, and operation of the league.These valuable meetings provide leadership training and education to get the most out of membership. Guest speakers, management and board team members, sustainers, chairs, and other active members attend these meetings to provide valuable insight and opportunitiesfor education and understanding. Members also participate in opportunities for leadership development and socialization to create lasting friendships.

The Admissions/Provisionals chair, co-chair and committee serve to mentor the provisional members and help them keep up with their requirements and training. They act as the members’ liason to the league, offering continuous support. Provisional members are assigned to small groups. Each small group has an advisor, who seeks to mentor and provide support.

New members must complete the following:

• $215.00 dues
•$100.00 fundraising obligation
•Complete 2 shifts at the Mistletoe and Moss Holiday Market
•Complete 1 cross committee experience
•Attend at least 6 provisional meetings
•Attend at least 6 general meetings
•Assist with the annual Welcome Reception in March

Provisional membership is a memorable experience, which allows women to develop their potential and learn about the league. We hope that you end the year feeling prepared to become an active memberwith a servant-leader’s heart, and some new found friendships.