Grants and Programs

Branch Out and Grow Scholarship

Each year, the Junior League of Lake Charles enjoys honoring driven young women by offering Branch Out and Grow Scholarships. Graduating senior girls can visit their school counselor for information regarding this opportunity, as well as visiting the application below.

2021 Branch Out and Grow Grant Scholarship Application

In addition to funding educational grants this league year, the JLLC will be announcing a new grant opportunity next Spring to aid in program development for local community organizations!

2018 JLLC Branch Out & Grow Grant Recipients

The Junior League of Lake Charles, Inc.’s Branch Out and Grow educational grant program supports excellence in teaching by awarding grants for innovative projects that otherwise would not be provided for in school budgets and which fit within The Junior League of Lake Charles, Inc.’s vision of supporting a more confident, healthy and educated community. This program consists of grant awards in amounts ranging from $500 – $2,500; grant requests may also include a request for volunteer hours from the Junior League of Lake Charles, Inc.

The Junior League of Lake Charles, Inc., awarded $17,000 in grant funds to teachers in the five-parish area. The 2018-2019 Branch Out & Grow recipients were:  


School: John J. Johnson Elementary

Teacher: Chernika Leon

Grade(s): PK-2

Subject: Literacy

Project Title: Making Good Choices through Reading

Grant Summary: Utilize books to help students make better choices such as dealing with grief, bullying, divorce, anger, and social development.


School: Dolby Elementary

Teacher: Wava McClain

Grade(s): K – 5th

Subject: Music

Project Title: Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music

Grant Summary: Renewal of license for, a cutting edge engaging and interactive music curriculum.


School: A.A. Nelson Elementary

Teacher: Erin Bentley

Grade(s): 3rd – 5th

Subject: Production,Technology, Public Speaking

Project Title: NNN Television Broadcast Class

Grant Summary: Students are taught how to shoot and edit video; write and produce news stories, short films, PSAs, music videos, and other projects; and operate video switchers, studio and field cameras, audio mixers, and more.


School: Grand Lake High School

Teacher: Vicki Little

Grade(s): 7th – 12th

Subject: School Counselor

Project Title: Be the Change – Victim Proof Bullying Prevention Program

Grant Summary: Be The Change will promote positive transformation by empowering students to make a difference. The event on Wed Feb 6, 2019 is designed for students parish wide to strengthen the goals and objectives of PBIS.

Funded: Yes (partial) $1500.00


School: Prien Lake Elementary

Teacher: Christi Touchet

Grade(s): K – 5th

Subject: All

Project Title: Amplify Our Learning

Grant Summary: This project is created to assist students with auditory enhancements in the classroom. Lightspeed Redcats provide all students, especially those with auditory impairments with the necessary voice amplifications to effectively hear instruction in the classroom.


School: College Street Vocational Center

Teacher: Brendan J. Boudreaux

Grade(s): 11th-12th

Subject: Emergency Medical Responder

Project Title: Tools of the Trade

Grant Summary: Obtain training adjuncts, along with real life pieces of equipment for use in the Emergency Medical Responder Class.  These adjuncts and equipment will give students realistic hands on training.


School: Kaufman Elementary

Teacher: Jennifer Hooper

Grade(s): PreK – 5th

Subject: Physical Education

Project Title: Peaceful Playgrounds

Grant Summary: Create a peaceful playground for students using stencils to paint game outlines on the ground to create permanent games and outdoor entertainment for the students.


School: Barbe High School

Teacher: Samala Duffy

Grade(s): 11th-12th

Subject: Environmental Science

Project Title: Making the World a Better Place

Grant Summary: One of the main focuses of Environmental Science is the impact that human activity has on our environment.  It isn’t enough that students know of the problem, they need to know that they can contribute to solutions. The three kits in this grant all directly relate to how students can work toward a cleaner, greener, and better environment.


School: Moss Bluff Elementary

Teacher: Margaret Paris

Grade(s): 3rd – 5th

Subject: ELA

Project Title: Leave the Lights On

Grant Summary: To develop a series of special “Reading Events” focusing on develop and reinforcing the student’s ability to gather information from various non-fiction text.


School: St. Louis Catholic High School

Teacher: Blake Gilbert

Grade(s): 6th-8th

Subject: Music

Project Title: Middle School Drumline

Grant Summary: Expanding students understanding of rhythms, themes, musical style, and form through marching percussion. Students would be able to play marching drums and gain knowledge that most middle schools would not be able to offer.


School:  Vincent Settlement Elementary

Teacher: Emily Richmond

Grade(s): 1st

Subject: Math/Reading

Project Title: Let It Glow, Let it Glow, Let it Glow!

Grant Summary: Using black lights and neon/glow-in-the dark materials, Glow Games are an exciting way to get kids motivated to learn. Setting up stations of Glow Games/Activities will help get the biggest bang for your buck – student engagement mixed with powerful learning and application.


School: St. Louis Catholic High School

Teacher: Melanie LeJeune

Grade(s): 9th-12th

Subject: Library

Project Title: Library Dream Space

Grant Summary: Create a space for students to come in before school, during lunch, and after school to unplug and reboot. School libraries and university libraries across the country are creating similar spaces to foster creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration.  Some people refer to these areas as makerspaces.