Outstanding Active of the Year

The purpose of the Outstanding Active Service Award is to recognize an Active member of the Junior League of Lake Charles who has excelled in volunteer activities associated with the JLLC—either within the current year or throughout her years of service in the League.

2019-20 Elise Foret

2018-19  Chelsi Barfield

2017-18   Hillary Green

2016-17    Katie Devall

2015-16    Haleigh Lyons

2014-15    Stephanie Karpovs

2013-14    Ashley Kerns

2012-13    Jennifer Templet

2011-12    Vikki Trouth Shearman

2010-11    Amanda McElveen

2009-10    Keri Forbess-McCorquodale (Rob)

2008-09    Charlotte McCann (Chuck)

2007-08    Yvette Hoselle Ware (John)

2006-07    Tara Demarie (Paul

2005-06    Skylar Giardina (William)

2004-05    Karen Chamberlain (Ken)

2003-04    Lilynn Cutrer (Wes Crain)

2002-03    Becky Shaddock Clements (Brian)

2001-02    Denise Emerson Rau (Fred)

2000-01    Melody Carter Jackson (Dana)

1999-00    Virginia Hollins Webb (Patrick)

1998-99    Elodie Gary Pruitt (Logan)

1997-98    Anne Collette

1996-97    Jane Singletary Flynt (Mrs. D.C.)

1995-96    Della Blake Rose (William)

1994-95    Emily Benton Harper (Charles)

1993-94    Kathy Spanner Griffith (Craig)

1992-93    Jane Johnson Cureton

1991-92    Glinda Stephens Atterbery (Ted, Jr.) & Ann Smith Todd (Ray)

1990-91    Rebecca “Becky” Rayburn Drost