Pirates Pantry

In 1976, a dedicated group of women published this classic cookbook, which has become a staple in many homes in Louisiana and across the United States. I wonder if these ladies knew the impact that they would have when they were working on this book. The production of Pirate’s Pantry represents three years of determination and hard work. The acknowledgments page at the front of this cookbook explains how these ladies had a dream. They worked tirelessly to compile the recipes that make up this classic cookbook. Each recipe was tested and edited to assure excellence and quality. Recipes were excluded, some were refined, and in the end, the final product was a well-rounded variety of excellent recipes. After three years of hard work, the cookbook was published, sold, and processed, benefiting the Junior League of Lake Charles. Many years later, this book is still one of the top-selling Junior League cookbooks. Pirate’s Pantry is rated among the country’s top ten Junior League cookbooks. This cookbook has sold more than 100,000 copies since its first printing in 1976. The cookbook, published by Pelican Publishing, continues to support our community with the royalties received through sales. Years later, these ladies’ dream is still impacting our community with the sales of these cookbooks.  The Junior League Centennial Cookbook, a collection of recipes from 200 Junior Leagues, recently featured recipes from Pirate’s Pantry.

Copies of Pirates Pantry are available for purchase at Mistletoe and Moss holiday market and online from the publisher through Amazon.com. Click here!