Provisional (New) Members

Provisional members are new, first-year members. These members complete a year-long provisional course consisting of leadership development, education, enrichment, and training opportunities in preparation for active, league membership and volunteerism.

Active Members

Active Members are those members who have completed Provisional Training and justify membership by demonstrating volunteer service to the community through the Junior League of Lake Charles, Inc.

Extending Actives

Extending Actives are those members who have already completed the minimum requirements of Active Member status, and are eligible to become a Sustaining Member.  However, these women choose to continue their service by participating in various League placements.


Provisional, Active, and Sustaining Members may have the privilege of transferring membership from one Junior League to another.

Sustainer Members

Sustaining Members are those members who have fulfilled their Active Membership requirements and who continue to support the League and community through their dues and mentoring.


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  • 6,600


  • 89

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