Provisional Projects

Provisional Outreach

Provisional membership consists of an introductory year of training. Currently, our provisional members participate in a mini placement toward the end of their initial year of membership on various committees. They can contribute to the league in a meaningful, helpful way. In the past, provisional members have planned various projects that have positively impacted the local community and support the mission of our organization.

In the past, provisional members have impacted the community through various projects:

  • Coordinated a book drive for local schools after a hurricane
  • Partnered with community businesses for a public CPR training day
  • Created an ART SPACE at The Children’s Museum
  • Conducted an Autism Awareness Day at the mall



The Provisionals chose to collaborate with Partnership for a Healthier Southwest Louisiana to help implement an educational community garden at F.K. White Middle School, and with the Happy Hour Rotary Club of Lake Charles to construct a community Blessing Box. The Blessing Boxes are little pantries that will be set up around the city and stocked with basic necessities for those in need, such as socks, deodorant, canned goods, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. One currently resides on Episcopal Day School’s campus.



The Provisionals redesigned the Big Brothers Big Sisters multi-use room.  The project included a complete overall for the facility’s most used room.  The children are now use the room for arts and crafts, reading, pool, and a gathering spot for group meetings.



The Provisionals updated the Mad Scientist Bubble Room at The Children’s Museum.  The project included a massive paint refresh, mural design, wall decoration updates and equipment clean-up.






The Provisionals refreshed ETC/Harbor House. The project included landscaping of the front and side entrances, decorate resident rooms, and power washed the basketball court.  Also a new entertainment center and desk was purchased and assembled for the day room.